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Keeping Positive

So although the Boxing day floods just about wiped out all the shops in Hebden Bridge, the town is now pulling itself back together, the builders are making headway in different locations along my street and I am expecting them to arrive with me in 3 weeks time.

I have been hatching lots of new plans for Hat Therapy with new ideas for products and a shop within a shop idea too. 

There's also the new interior to pull together and I'm going to have a totoally different look to the one I've had for the last 10 years. In...

November News

The nights are getting shorter and the fog has arrived, its time to wrap up.

This time of year as the days get shorter we all seem to get very busy in preperation for Christmas.

I will be filling the website with gifts and accessories. Postage is still included which is alwyas good news.

At the end of this month I will have been open 10 years, so I am planning a special celebration in the shop on Sat 5th December from 10 till 5 if you would like to come everyone is very welcome.

I shall also be at...

October When The Nights Get Darker

We have had a couple of lovely weeks of autumn sunshine, the tress are turning into bronze, red and yellow and everywhere is starting to look beautiful.

Autumn starts to get chilly about this time every year and it's when we all pull out our winter scarves and glovec etc.

Sometimes we decide that it's time for a new winter coat but if yours is fairly new you might just need a few new accessories to give your coats a colour lift this winter.

We are now making lots more winter accessories to fill the website ready for the colder...

Autumn The Perfect TIme For A New Hat

Autumn has arrived and very soon the trees will be putting on their yearly colour show.

I love all the autumnal shades however a lot of them don't suit my skin tone, but I do love autumn dressing. Lots of lovely textures and layers not forgetting to mention it's the time to bring out your warmer hats and accessories.

We now have a lovely selection the store and are making our popular felt cloches again. Each one unique with a distinctive shape and trim. It's a huge bonus that they can be folded gently and popped in your bag when...

Working On The Website

I've been giving a little attention to the website. A new look and layout, different colours and a general re shape.

As the website is not my main source of selling my products, it sometimes can be tricky to get enough time to do eveything that I'd like to do on line as hat making takes priority, and a real shop can take up huge ammounts of your time.! However I give it my best try.

I am going to try my very best to put more items on and aim to have a better selection available.